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make a difference?

How will my sponsorship

Your $38 Monthly Support Provides:

1. An education where our schools are 12th out of        200 schools in the Arusha region. And, 197th          out of 3,601 schools in all of Tanzania. 

2. Fully Accredited Teachers with college degrees

3. 85 staff on campus that adhere to strict policies      for a safe environment

4. Medical needs met
5. Meals
6. The love of Jesus taught to students!
7. An opportunity to serve

Questions? Call 1-541-405-6650, chat, text or send an email to


giving hope and changing lives, one child at a time

Sponsor a Child

Thank you for choosing to help the children of the Sakila Village in Tanzania to live a better life. Your support of this cause will enhance the life of your sponsored child for his/her whole life — beginning now.

Please browse the photos of the latest available children for sponsorship below. Children are listed in order from those who have been with us the longest to children who have recently become apart of our program.